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Take a positive step in living a healthier, happier life. By emphasizing character development in all of our programs, our YMCA challenges youth and adults to accept and demonstrate positive values. Our members are our top priority at the Daviess County Family YMCA.

Our dedicated staff, board of directors and volunteers are here to help you and your family with your wellness needs. Visit our facility for a tour, and inquire about our programs and services. For new members, wellness center orientation is provided by our fitness staff.


  • Reduced program fees
  • Y360
  • Wellness center
  • Basketball gym
  • Regulation-sized indoor pool
  • Pickleball
  • Free Group Exercises
  • Free Childwatch 
  • FREE access to YMCA360  and unlimited virtual group exercise classes
  • Nationwide Membership while traveling in the U.S.
  • Locker Rooms
    Daily use lockers are free of charge.  Please bring your own lock.

    Members can purchase a small locker or a large locker annually.  See the membership team for details. 

    *Use of cell phones and photo equipment are prohibited in locker rooms



The Y is a powerful association of men, women and children from all walks of life joined together by a shared passion: to strengthen the foundations of our community. With a commitment to nurturing the potential of kids, promoting healthy living and fostering a sense of social responsibility, the Family Y ensures that every individual has access to the essentials needed to learn, grow and thrive. Everyone is welcome, regardless of their ability to pay.


No one is ever turned away from the Y. Through our Financial Assistance Program, we ensure that YMCA membership and programs are affordable and accessible for everyone. Financial Assistance is provided on a sliding scale based on the applicant’s income, so that all individuals, children and families can enjoy the many benefits that the Y has to offer. If we can serve you or your family in this way, please fill out the Financial Assistance Application or pick one up at any of our facility.

Cancellation Policy

Changes, deletions or cancellations of your membership must be submitted in writing by the primary member. Forms are available at any Y location. Cancellations must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the bank draft date. During that time, you will have full access to the facility. Your membership will have one additional draft prior to cancellation. 

Memebership Agreement

As a member of the Daviess County Family YMCA, I agree to comply with the following: If my membership dues are paid semi-annually or annually, I have the payment options of cash, check or debit/credit card. If my membership dues are paid monthly, I have the option to pay through EFT (ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER-bank draft) or debit/credit card. I understand paying monthly constitutes a continuous membership plan and is paid on the 15th of every month. My membership will remain in effect for as long as I retain my membership card, (tangible and/or virtual). Membership cards, tangible and/or virtual, are the property of the YMCA and must be surrendered to the YMCA on demand. It is my complete understanding that if I wish to terminate or change my membership in any way, I must give the YMCA written notice 30 days prior to my draft date. I acknowledge this may still incur the next month’s dues. All membership rates are subject to change with a 30-day written notice from the YMCA. I understand if my membership becomes past due, I will be contacted by the YMCA, either in writing, email or by phone. After 14 days (2 weeks), if my membership is still past due, a service charge of 20% will be added to the past due amount and billed to me. Should the past due balance on my membership remain unpaid after 30 days, I acknowledge the YMCA will refer my account for debt collection and terminate my membership. I understand it is my responsibility to notify the YMCA of any change in address or bank account information (if utilizing bank draft for payment of dues) within 14 days (2 weeks). The YMCA membership Registration Fee is a one-time fee as long as I remain an active member of the Daviess County Family YMCA. If I choose to cancel or discontinue my membership for more than 60 days, a Registration Fee will be applicable when I reapply for membership.



Acuerdo de membresía:

Como miembro de la YMCA familiar del condado de Daviess, acepto cumplir con lo siguiente: Si mis cuotas de membresía se pagan semestral o anualmente, tengo las opciones de pago en efectivo, cheque o tarjeta de débito / crédito. Si mis cuotas de membresía se pagan mensualmente, tengo la opción de pagar a través de EFT (TRANSFERENCIA ELECTRÓNICA DE FONDOS-giro bancario) o tarjeta de débito / crédito. Entiendo que pagar mensualmente constituye un plan de membresía continua y se paga el día 15 de cada mes. Mi membresía permanecerá vigente mientras conserve mi tarjeta de membresía (tangible y / o virtual). Las tarjetas de membresía, tangibles y / o virtuales, son propiedad de la YMCA y deben entregarse a la YMCA a pedido. Entiendo completamente que si deseo terminar o cambiar mi membresía de alguna manera, debo notificar por escrito a la YMCA 30 días antes de la fecha de mi borrador. Reconozco que esto aún puede incurrir en las cuotas del próximo mes. Todas las tarifas de membresía están sujetas a cambios con un aviso por escrito de 30 días de la YMCA. Entiendo que si mi membresía está vencida, la YMCA se comunicará conmigo, ya sea por escrito, correo electrónico o por teléfono. Después de 14 días (2 semanas), si mi membresía aún está vencida, se agregará