Facility Rental

Facility Rental

The Y is a great place to host a birthday party or gathering! Request a facility rental today! We offer two rental options – private pool rentals and basketball gym rentals. Both rentals include use of the party room. To request a facility rental, please click on “Request Form” below or call the front desk at 812-254-4481 to assist you. Once the request is made, a YMCA staff member will be in contact with you to confirm your request details, discuss our policies and proceed with booking. Thank you for choosing the Y! 


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1/1/24 - 12/31/24

Please review our party policies before you submit a request below.


  • All party participants must sign either an electronic waiver via creating a non-member account on our website at dcymca.org (Members: the waiver has already been signed) or they can request paper waivers that we have available. These waivers must be completed one week prior to the day of the rental. The person who is renting the facility is responsible for all waivers being signed. 
  • Check and credit cards are the only accepted forms of payment for rentals. Cash is NOT accepted nor refunded. 
  • Refunds will be received within 30 days after the rental if there is no damage or major behavioral issues. The facility must be left in the exact same condition as when you arrived for the rental. 
  • No refund will be received if the rental is cancelled 1 week prior to the scheduled event.   
  • The Y is not responsible for your children. Please ensure you are supervising your children during the entirety of the rental. 
  • You cannot exceed the amount of people in the party you paid for.  
  • All rentals must end 30 minutes before the facility closes. 15 minutes maximum is allowed in addition to the rental time before the rental for set up and 15 minutes after the rental for tear down and clean up. No additional time will be allowed. 


  • Pool Rules can be found here 
  • Swimmers planning on swimming in the deep end or using the slides will have to pass a swim test at the start of the rental. Please ask the lifeguard on duty for a swim test when you enter the pool. If a swimmer does not pass, they must remain in the shallow end of the pool for the entirety of their pool usage during the rental. Swim tests are conducted by our certified lifeguards and pass or fail determinations are done at their discretion.   
  • To use the slides, one must pass the swim test. Slides are one person at a time and ridden on the back facing forward. No other way down the slides is accepted. Those wearing flotation devices must remain in the shallow end. Slides cannot be used with flotation devices. 
  • Lane usage is not allowed for pool parties.  
  • Children 5 years and under must always have an adult (18 years+) in the water with them within an arm’s reach.  
  • Children 6-7 years old must have, at minimum, adult supervision on the deck. Adults can sit on the benches provided in order to do so.  
  • No food, gum or colored drinks are allowed in the pool nor on the pool deck. Only water in a plastic or metal bottle with a cap is allowed.  
  • No inflatables of any kind are permitted, this includes arm floaties.  
  • We provide floaties and noodles for children if needed. You can bring your own toys but please understand we do not allow inflatables of any kind including inflatable arm floaties nor beach balls; we do not allow water/squirt guns nor any glass or easily broken toys inside the pool. Large boats or infant water carriers are also not permitted inside the pool.  
  • Swim Attire Policy: All swimmers must wear a swimsuit. No exceptions. Cotton clothing, undergarments, and streetwear are not permitted in the pool.  
  • Children who are not potty trained must wear swim diapers in the pool. Diapers needing changed must be done in the locker rooms, not on the pool deck.  
  • Parties cannot exceed lifeguard to swimmer ratios. Please ensure you do not have more people than your paid rental package is.  
  • The number of people at the party includes swimmers and non-swimmers.  


  • Adult supervision is required in the basketball gym during the entire rental.  
  • Food or drink is not permitted except for water in plastic or metal bottles with caps/lids.  
  • Sports equipment is available upon request.  
  • Goals may be lowered upon request.  
  • Appropriate gym shoes are required.  
  • Street clothes are required. Shirts, Shoes, and Shorts!  


  • Food and drink are allowed. Refrigerator usage is permitted if needed.  
  • Adult supervision is required in the room at all times.  
  • Trash from the party must be picked up from the tables and floors. Trash will need to be bagged up, pulled out of the trash can, and sat next to the trash can for our staff.  
  • Please clean up the tables, sweep the floors and put all the chairs back. The Y will provide cleaning supplies for this. 


  • About Pool Rentals: Email [email protected] or call 812-254-4481 and ask for the Aquatics Director 
  • About Basketball Gym Rentals: Email [email protected] or call 812-254-4481 and ask for the Youth and Family Director 


Available Sessions

01/01/24 - 12/31/24